Release Notes - Debezium - Version 0.9.0.CR1 - HTML format


  • [DBZ-387] - offset information should store config filter info
  • [DBZ-388] - write catch-up binlog reader
  • [DBZ-389] - changes to Snapshot and Binlog readers to allow for concurrent/partial running
  • [DBZ-1067] - Client-side column blacklisting in SQL Server connector

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-175] - table.whitelist option update for an existing connector doesn't work
  • [DBZ-1080] - EmbeddedEngine should allow for more flexible record consumption


  • [DBZ-996] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when a column is deleted (Postgres)
  • [DBZ-1029] - Messages from tables without PK and with REPLICA IDENTITY FULL
  • [DBZ-1051] - Inconsistent schema name in streaming and snapshotting phase
  • [DBZ-1057] - "watch-topic" and "create-topic" commands fail
  • [DBZ-1059] - Antlr Exception: mismatched input '.' expecting {<EOF>, '--'}
  • [DBZ-1062] - MySQL JDBC Context sets the wrong truststore password
  • [DBZ-1063] - Unsigned smallint column in mysql failing due to out of range error
  • [DBZ-1064] - NULL Values are replaced by default values even in NULLABLE fields
  • [DBZ-1066] - Uninformative "Found previous offset" log
  • [DBZ-1069] - SQL Server connector does not persist LSNs in Kafka
  • [DBZ-1083] - [debezium] ERROR: option \"include-unchanged-toast\" = \"0\" is unknown
  • [DBZ-1086] - Debezium fails when consuming table without primary key with turned on topic routing
  • [DBZ-1088] - Wrong message key and event used when primary key is updated
  • [DBZ-1089] - Connect schema name is wrong for SQL Server
  • [DBZ-1090] - Incorrect LSN tracking - possible data loss
  • [DBZ-1103] - Race condition in EmbeddedEngine shutdown


  • [DBZ-781] - Intermittent failures in RecordsStreamProducerIT#shouldPropagateSourceColumnTypeToSchemaParameter()
  • [DBZ-988] - Assert MongoDB supported versions
  • [DBZ-993] - Describe how to do DDL changes for SQL Server
  • [DBZ-1056] - Verify version of wal2json on RDS
  • [DBZ-1084] - Move SQL Server connector to main repo
  • [DBZ-1099] - Don't enqueue further records when connector is stopping
  • [DBZ-1101] - Race condition in SQLServer tests during snapshot phase
  • [DBZ-1105] - Remove columnNames field from TableImpl


  • [DBZ-947] - Snapshot isolation level overhaul
  • [DBZ-1038] - Kafka docker image - support for topic cleanup policy
  • [DBZ-1073] - column.propagate.source.type missing scale
  • [DBZ-1078] - Optimize sys.fn_cdc_map_lsn_to_time() calls
  • [DBZ-1081] - Fallback to restart_lsn if confirmed_flush_lsn is not found

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