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  • [DBZ-719] - Expand SourceInfo
  • [DBZ-720] - Implement initial snapshotting
  • [DBZ-786] - Provide Maven module and Docker set-up
  • [DBZ-787] - Implement capturing of streamed changes
  • [DBZ-788] - Implement initial snapshotting
  • [DBZ-795] - Misleading timestamp field name
  • [DBZ-801] - Avoid a few raw type warnings
  • [DBZ-804] - Emit NUMBER columns as Int32/Int64 if precision and scale allow
  • [DBZ-815] - Support heartbeat messages for Oracle
  • [DBZ-818] - Adjust scale of decimal values to column's scale if present
  • [DBZ-826] - Avoid NPE if commit is called before any offset is prepared

Feature Request

  • [DBZ-40] - Ingest change data from SQL Server databases
  • [DBZ-716] - Oracle connector implementation cont'd (initial snapshotting etc.)


  • [DBZ-803] - Offset remains with "snapshot" set to true after completing schema only snapshot


  • [DBZ-793] - Use TableFilter contract instead of Predicate<TableId>
  • [DBZ-829] - Upgrade to Kafka 1.1.1


  • [DBZ-816] - Make DatabaseHistory set-up code re-usable

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