Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2.7.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


Library Upgrade

  • [THORN-2537] - Upgrade dependencies of experimental MVC fraction


  • [THORN-2532] - MicroProfile Rest Client Configuration via Thorntail YAML
  • [THORN-2534] - Temp folder location and configuration

Feature Request

  • [THORN-2526] - add option to only repackage WAR inside the uberjar and leave the WAR file untouched
  • [THORN-2529] - can't express "null" value in environment variables (and probably also system properties)



  • [THORN-1930] - MP fault tolerance: CDI contexts not available in @Timeout methods
  • [THORN-2451] - jacoco reports 0% coverage
  • [THORN-2517] - Non scoped dependencies are not included in final war but in war.original
  • [THORN-2521] - Thorntail TS: Hollow JAR: MicroProfile 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT FAILURE
  • [THORN-2525] - After bundleDependencies used in thorntail maven plugin::package with uber jar the required the Bootstap man reuqires the default maven repository location
  • [THORN-2530] - Swarmtool does not use https for maven
  • [THORN-2531] - Null value for thorntail.public.url.base
  • [THORN-2535] - Default health check response readiness should not be 200
  • [THORN-2538] - Use of thorntail.runner.webapp-location generates a invalid WAR
  • [THORN-2542] - MP Metrics output not spec compliant
  • [THORN-2543] - fraction plugin can use random module.xml files for duplicate modules
  • [THORN-2545] - the "microprofile" fraction doesn't bring in "jaxrs-jsonb"
  • [THORN-2548] - HTTP/2 support is not autodetected on IBM JDK
  • [THORN-2549] - some configuration elements don't work correctly on IBM JDK
  • [THORN-2550] - some fractions are missing MicroProfile Config WildFly feature pack ZIP dependencies
  • [THORN-2566] - NPE when deployment archive contains directory named *.jar


  • [THORN-1997] - Circuit Breaker booster - make use of MicroProfile APIs
  • [THORN-2422] - test that all module.xmls that define the same module are identical
  • [THORN-2544] - update to fraction plugin 99
  • [THORN-2551] - use PostgreSQL image from SCL instead of CentOS in the CRUD example
  • [THORN-2562] - reversion all Config APIs to align with the target Thorntail release
  • [THORN-2563] - enforce dependency convergence
  • [THORN-2565] - test that all module.xmls that bring same artifact bring the same version

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