Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2.2.1.Final - HTML format


  • [THORN-1753] - At least one example README is out of date - may be others
  • [THORN-1830] - arquillian ignores swarm.http.port setting in project-defaults.yml
  • [THORN-1890] - Unable to Launch With OpenAPI Fraction using from IDE
  • [THORN-1982] - microprofile-restclient Start Exception with ConfigProviderResolver
  • [THORN-2025] - Swagger fraction does not respect pretty_print setting
  • [THORN-2125] - MP Config TCK keeps failing
  • [THORN-2160] - JOSE encrypt does not produce JWE Header with 'kid'
  • [THORN-2165] - topology-openshift doesn't work since THORN-1647
  • [THORN-2166] - topology-openshift doesn't work in OpenShift 3.10
  • [THORN-2168] - the "uberjar" profile in Examples no longer works
  • [THORN-2171] - microprofile-health fraction has a dependency on health-api
  • [THORN-2172] - Thorntail product build tests failing
  • [THORN-2175] - Jaeger fraction throws RuntimeException for SamplingStrategyResponse
  • [THORN-2178] - FileSystemLayout will always use Maven layout if both pom.xml and build.gradle are present
  • [THORN-2180] - useless dependency on microprofile-metrics-api in testsuite/microprofile-tcks/metrics
  • [THORN-2182] - MP RestClient doesn't close response on failure to parse entity
  • [THORN-2192] - ConfigMap booster uses @CreateSwarm
  • [THORN-2195] - Injection of RestClient into @Health bean fails with java.lang.IllegalStateException
  • [THORN-2198] - JSF: Global error page from shared lib is not found in the IDE (IntelliJ)
  • [THORN-2204] - non-deterministic module.xml lookup in product with certified fractions


  • [THORN-2111] - remove the wildfly-swarm-enforcer-pattern-size configurations from Thorntail build
  • [THORN-2129] - Thorntail website
  • [THORN-2149] - Minor updates to the bom pom
  • [THORN-2157] - make sure we document breaking changes in release announcements
  • [THORN-2162] - Module and dependency updates to improve the PME alignment process
  • [THORN-2174] - Bump jaeger client version to 0.30.6
  • [THORN-2181] - formally deprecate @CreateSwarm and remove its usage from the tests
  • [THORN-2183] - remove usage of @CreateSwarm in MP JWT tests
  • [THORN-2185] - Changing configuration keys from `swarm` to `thorntail`

Component Upgrade

  • [THORN-2193] - Upgrade smallrye-fault-tolerance to 1.0.4


  • [THORN-2163] - don't use fraction-list.txt to generate bom-certified
  • [THORN-2169] - unify wildfly-swarm.useUberJar with the rest of the project
  • [THORN-2179] - Upgrade Teiid version to 11.1

Library Upgrade


  • [THORN-2121] - HowTo for using MP OpenTracing and Jaeger
  • [THORN-2122] - HowTo for using MP Metrics to provide data to Prometheus

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