Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2.2.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [THORN-2153] - the opentracing-tracerresolver fraction should be internal and stable

Feature Request


  • [THORN-1564] - Wildfly-Swarm + Logstash formatter-properties costum metadata
  • [THORN-1923] - Topology-consul Fraction Uses outdated Consul Client API
  • [THORN-1999] - The /openapi endpoint needs both query param *and* Accept header to return JSON
  • [THORN-2136] - Unable to run Swarm main() in IDE
  • [THORN-2137] - After upgrading to 2.1.0.Final metrics stoped working
  • [THORN-2142] - MP JWT: resource methods without security annotations are always allowed
  • [THORN-2143] - MP JWT: using * in @RolesAllowed doesn't work
  • [THORN-2144] - MP JWT: configuring token expiration grace period via project-defaults.yml doesn't work
  • [THORN-2148] - Properties file with a properties hierarchy not read consistently correctly if a node has both a value and children
  • [THORN-2154] - NPE in MetricsHttpHandler.handleRequest
  • [THORN-2155] - Add PackageFractionDetector to microprofile-opentracing


  • [THORN-1969] - investigate switching to RxJava 1.3.0
  • [THORN-2133] - Add "resource-adapters" fraction to product
  • [THORN-2139] - Update messages prefix for logging
  • [THORN-2140] - Move Microprofile RestClient into the supported profile
  • [THORN-2141] - Make netflix archaius and hystrix fractions deprecated
  • [THORN-2147] - Update jaeger.gson version in build-parent pom to 2.8.2
  • [THORN-2151] - Update smallrye-config, smallrye-health and smallrye-opentracing versions

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