Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [THORN-1529] - Exception mapperfor JsonParseException is ignored
  • [THORN-1531] - Following instructions at wildfly-swarm-example/ribbon-consul doesn't yield desirable result
  • [THORN-1647] - Plugin topology-consul is getting error and it does not allow the health checks
  • [THORN-1876] - Microprofile Health - Warn security
  • [THORN-1955] - MP JWT: can't use different roles for different methods with the same @Path but different @Produces
  • [THORN-1968] - MP Health Check /health throws NPE if HealthCheck implementation does not specify state
  • [THORN-1972] - MP JWT: can't use different roles for different methods with parameterized @Paths that share a common prefix
  • [THORN-2015] - old version of org.wildfly.swarm:config-api-runtime gets pulled in transitively in certain situations
  • [THORN-2047] - Startup fail with management-console and openapi fraction
  • [THORN-2071] - Microprofile Configuration Cannot Deserialise javax.time Types
  • [THORN-2083] - MP FT - Fallback is not called when used with CircuitBreaker and Retry policy
  • [THORN-2087] - microprofile-fault-tolerance depends on slf4j-simple (wrong scope?)
  • [THORN-2093] - Injection of MP-Rest-Client fails
  • [THORN-2098] - OpenAPI doesn't respect @JsonIgnore
  • [THORN-2104] - 2.0.1.Final-SNAPSHOT build fails if '' is enabled
  • [THORN-2110] - MPJWTProducer's currentPrincipal holding old values


  • [THORN-1941] - after deprecating the monitor fraction, we should update boosters to use MP health check instead
  • [THORN-2061] - Migrate MP Metrics implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2062] - Migrate MP Health implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2063] - Migrate MP Fault Tolerance implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2064] - Migrate MP JWT implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2065] - Migrate MP Opentracing implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2066] - Migrate MP Open API implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2067] - Migrate MP REST Client implementation to SmallRye
  • [THORN-2070] - KeycloakThemeCustomizer does not need to explode keycloak-themes.jar to the local temp folder
  • [THORN-2088] - Update keycloak-config-api to use 3.4.3.Final Keycloak version
  • [THORN-2089] - upgrade wildfly-nosql to 1.0.0.Beta1 and nosql-config-api to 1.3.1
  • [THORN-2092] - Make Jaeger fraction reusable for any tracing fraction
  • [THORN-2096] - make sure all Config APIs depend on the same (latest) version of Config API Runtime
  • [THORN-2117] - upgrade wildfly-nosql to 1.0.0.Final
  • [THORN-2120] - Examples README files have outdated run instructions
  • [THORN-2132] - Release thorntail-fraction-plugin 88 and update Thorntail to use it

Component Upgrade

  • [THORN-2119] - Upgrade SmallRye OpenAPI to 1.0.1


  • [THORN-1540] - Add in JDBC driver auto-detect support for Derby Embedded
  • [THORN-2091] - Maven plugin for automated migration from WildFly Swarm to Thorntail
  • [THORN-2103] - Switch to using SmallRye Config as implementation


  • [THORN-2004] - Document some fallback internals in Microprofile implementation when using @Asynchronous and @Bulkhead

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