Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2.0.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [THORN-2027] - MP FT - activate CDI request context during @Asynchronous method invocation


  • [THORN-1687] - Any work related to MicroProfile 1.3 impl


  • [THORN-989] - Provide a method for user-supplied themes to keycloak-server.
  • [THORN-1473] - Shrinkwrap High Memory Usage on Startup
  • [THORN-1774] - Wildfly Swarm Security Constraints configured in YAML behave different than in WEB.XML
  • [THORN-2021] - Dependencies from a Dependency Tree are not in the classpath
  • [THORN-2050] - MP metrics: can't inject MetricRegistry for the Base and Vendor scopes
  • [THORN-2051] - MP metrics: MetricRegistry.getTimers and similar methods don't filter by type, leading to ClassCastExceptions
  • [THORN-2053] - MP Metrics API module does not declare a dependency on javax.enterprise.api
  • [THORN-2082] - Thorntail Maven plugin uses wrong classifier name for packaging and multistart


  • [THORN-1691] - MP OpenTracing impl
  • [THORN-1942] - Avoid releasing microprofile-tcks to accelerate and also minimize the risk of failing the release process
  • [THORN-2005] - Support configuring multiple Keycloak realms
  • [THORN-2020] - add the "jaeger" fraction to the supported profile
  • [THORN-2030] - MicroProfile Rest Client - CDI interceptors support
  • [THORN-2031] - Project Rename and Migration
  • [THORN-2035] - Document MP Rest Client CDI interceptors support
  • [THORN-2039] - Create Keycloak Multitenancy demo
  • [THORN-2048] - Project rename - fabric8-maven-plugin updates
  • [THORN-2055] - Reflect project rename and migration in examples
  • [THORN-2056] - Rename pre-built hollow JARs
  • [THORN-2057] - Project rename and migration - deep docs review
  • [THORN-2058] - Project rename - change the uberjar suffix
  • [THORN-2059] - Custom KeyCloak theme modules can not be loaded
  • [THORN-2060] - Project Rename - replace "WildFly Swarm" in log messages
  • [THORN-2084] - Investigate if the audit file can be set up at the elytron config level and do not auto-create it if yes



  • [THORN-2036] - Add autodetect to MicroProfile Metrics, OpenApi and RestClient
  • [THORN-2038] - Keycloak Multitenancy resolver should use 'startsWith' or regex instead of 'equals' checks
  • [THORN-2041] - Add support for Keycloak for Teiid OData web application
  • [THORN-2068] - MicroProfile Metrics - support MicroProfile Rest Client proxies interception

Library Upgrade

  • [THORN-1939] - Update keycloak dependency to 3.4.3.Final

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