Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2018.5.0 - HTML format


  • [THORN-1077] - Possibility to blacklist auto-detected fractions
  • [THORN-1950] - MP JWT: have to put the entire literal public key to project-defaults.yml, instead of being able to specify a file name
  • [THORN-1952] - MP JWT: can't use value of the "upn" claim for roles mapping, even though the TCK suggests it's possible
  • [THORN-1967] - Provide ability to enable B3 Header Propagation in Jaeger
  • [THORN-1981] - Include the Infinispan fraction in 'full' to enable caching and passivation
  • [THORN-1992] - Provide an example configuration that shows how to enable security for remote EJBs
  • [THORN-2001] - Include management fraction in full to enable security configuration options
  • [THORN-2003] - Support loading custom keycloak.json files from the classpath


  • [THORN-1238] - should the MultiStartMojo.startArtifact require the "swarm" classifier to be configured manually?
  • [THORN-2018] - Incorrect example of fraction exclusion in docs

Feature Request

  • [THORN-1782] - Allow customized uberjar filename via Maven config


  • [THORN-1670] - MP FT - Asynchronous/CircuitBreaker combination does not work
  • [THORN-1916] - need prominently visible documentation of hollow JAR limitations
  • [THORN-1917] - Can't modify default swarm mail attribute through project-defaults.yml
  • [THORN-1926] - Issues with Support of Environment variables in containerized deployments
  • [THORN-1931] - Ribbon demos are failing
  • [THORN-1937] - Stateful session beans don't passivate in wildfly-swarm
  • [THORN-1944] - MP fault tolerance: @Retry doesn't work when the method is @Asynchronous
  • [THORN-1945] - MP fault tolerance: @CircuitBreaker doesn't work when the method is @Asynchronous
  • [THORN-1946] - MP fault tolerance: too many concurrent requests to @Bulkhead @Fallback method can lead to fallback rejection
  • [THORN-1951] - MP JWT: have to specify "rolesProperties" for the "JWTLoginModule" even if I don't need it
  • [THORN-1953] - MP JWT: JAX-RS resource with no @RolesAllowed annotation isn't secured properly
  • [THORN-1954] - MP JWT: unconstrained method denied access if the resource also contains constrained method
  • [THORN-1963] - wildly inconsistent MicroProfile configuration keys
  • [THORN-1965] - Project build directory not being set for StartMojo when invoked from MultiStartMojo
  • [THORN-1970] - Multistart mojo does not detect the classifier
  • [THORN-1971] - MicroProfile OpenAPI fails on resource methods taking parameterized arguments or arrays
  • [THORN-1974] - Fraction plugin does not support repeatable @Configurable
  • [THORN-1987] - Config API doesn't allow composite Lists / Maps, which prevents fully configuring e.g. Elytron
  • [THORN-1988] - NoClassDefFoundError when using wildfly microprofile config through YAML file
  • [THORN-1990] - [Gradle] Package task is not generating artifact with the right name
  • [THORN-2000] - Microprofile Health Security Realm in YAML
  • [THORN-2009] - ArtifactDeployer assumes artifactId has no dots in it


  • [THORN-1892] - add tests for the Java MVC fraction
  • [THORN-1934] - Try to improve Keycloak SecurityArchivePreparer for it to load keycloak.json better
  • [THORN-1943] - Mark opentracing as stable
  • [THORN-1948] - MP FT - document HystrixCommandInterceptor.SYNC_CIRCUIT_BREAKER_KEY config property
  • [THORN-1983] - update default fraction configuration to WildFly 11
  • [THORN-1984] - Remove Ribbon Secured and update Keycloak demo instead
  • [THORN-2010] - Release 2018.5.0
  • [THORN-2011] - Update all Community Boosters to 2018.5.0
  • [THORN-2013] - Update Booster Catalog to new community tags
  • [THORN-2024] - Replace all occurrences of Wildfly Swarm with a variable


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