Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2018.3.3 - HTML format


  • [THORN-816] - [Swagger-WebApp] Ability to configure and default the discovery URL
  • [THORN-1808] - Support Environment Variables in project-<profile>.yml
  • [THORN-1828] - Implement a Booster for Cache Mission
  • [THORN-1831] - Create a "full" fraction
  • [THORN-1833] - Improve IndexView index available in DeploymentProcessor
  • [THORN-1843] - In case of error (HTTP status >= 400) JAX-RS client connections can't be closed
  • [THORN-1846] - Provide a way to make microprofile-restclient usable from behind a firewall
  • [THORN-1871] - Add a fraction for MVC 1.0

Feature Request

  • [THORN-1665] - MP FT - make it possible to configure Hystrix concurrency strategy
  • [THORN-1683] - Add "web" hollow jar
  • [THORN-1870] - Allow hollow packaging mode in gradle plugin


  • [THORN-1530] - Exploded uber jar temp files are never delted
  • [THORN-1695] - Async JAX-RS with jaeger fraction not working
  • [THORN-1767] - Microprofile Health - Warn with resteasy on startup
  • [THORN-1768] - CDI warning on startup - ServiceLoader could not load service class
  • [THORN-1794] - Microprofile Fault Tolerance Timeout not throwing TimeoutException until method finished
  • [THORN-1813] - Configuring interfaces through YAML doesn't work
  • [THORN-1829] - MP-JWT fraction does not handle injection of Set<String> raw types
  • [THORN-1838] - Favicon is not shown correctly
  • [THORN-1844] - the Maven plugin reference documentation has some system properties wrong
  • [THORN-1847] - Swagger missing basepath but it dependes
  • [THORN-1879] - Fix regression caused by a WIP commit and new failing test since SWARM-1693
  • [THORN-1883] - JPMS module-info should be ignored when creating a deployment Jandex index


  • [THORN-1693] - Eclipse MP OpenAPI spec impl
  • [THORN-1825] - Fraction docs - improve package layout section
  • [THORN-1826] - Remove ArchiveMetadataProcessor from docs
  • [THORN-1834] - Include MicroProfile 1.2 in product build profile
  • [THORN-1841] - Create a fraction that covers all EE related fractions we have
  • [THORN-1842] - Add a full platform hollow jar
  • [THORN-1848] - Minor improvements for security/keycloak example
  • [THORN-1849] - Update security/jaas demos to show that RBAC restrictions are effective
  • [THORN-1853] - Remove swagger_webapp example, update jaxrs/swagger README
  • [THORN-1854] - Replace &ndash; with a UTF entity to allow DocBook validation
  • [THORN-1868] - MP FT TCK - BulkheadAsynchRetryTest fails intermittently
  • [THORN-1874] - update SSO booster to include a workaround for CLOUD-2195

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