Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2018.2.0 - HTML format


  • [THORN-1553] - add "skip" parameter to wildfly-swarm-plugin configuration
  • [THORN-1816] - Update to MP Config 1.2.1


  • [THORN-1822] - Add note about elytron audit.log config


  • [THORN-1793] - Prometheus exporter provides illegal characters
  • [THORN-1796] - Hystrix Stream Servlet gets CNFE
  • [THORN-1810] - Metrics fraction does not provide metadata for Prometheus output
  • [THORN-1811] - Docker and management
  • [THORN-1812] - Ribbon examples are outdated and no longer pass integration tests
  • [THORN-1819] - the warning we print for custom main usage points to an old website


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