Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2018.1.0 - HTML format



  • [THORN-842] - Spring: Could not write content: could not initialize proxy - no Session
  • [THORN-1457] - Swarmtool unable to resolve undertow artifacts
  • [THORN-1727] - Website uses old MicroProfile logo
  • [THORN-1737] - Keycloak Server fails to start in 2017.12.1
  • [THORN-1757] - chkconfig does not configure runlevels properly
  • [THORN-1765] - Transitive compile dependencies are not included in Arquillian @DefaultDeployment
  • [THORN-1775] - Modules with custom slots can't be loaded from UberJar deployment
  • [THORN-1784] - JPA ignores given JNDI name for datasource in project-defaults.yml and persistence.xml
  • [THORN-1787] - Release fails on howtos parent


  • [THORN-1779] - Remove unused code in microprofile-health HttpContexts

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