Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2017.4.0 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [THORN-356] - Auto-detect logging
  • [THORN-648] - Create a self-contained jboss-cli.jar to manage remote instances
  • [THORN-867] - Provide a way to get boilerplate .yaml for each fraction for customization
  • [THORN-1043] - Show the logs of Configurable values defined in ArchivePreparer
  • [THORN-1085] - Java EE 7 samples: Auto Detection for plain javax.json usage
  • [THORN-1114] - The "jsf" fraction should be autodetected based on presence of the faces-config.xml file
  • [THORN-1156] - split log prefixes
  • [THORN-1219] - Terminate on deployment error
  • [THORN-1220] - Allow propertiesFile to be loaded from Jar dependency
  • [THORN-1236] - Multistart goal: make the startup timeout configurable

Feature Request

  • [THORN-792] - Add the ability to customize the Uberjar via Maven
  • [THORN-831] - using audit log
  • [THORN-1172] - Integrate upstream project Teiid
  • [THORN-1212] - Allow execution of PackageMojo to be skipped by specifying a property


  • [THORN-944] - META-INF/swarm.swagger.conf is not considered
  • [THORN-991] - management-console uses obsolete module.xml"s
  • [THORN-1088] - Unsatisfied dependencies on windows
  • [THORN-1120] - Unnecessary difference between the WildFly Swarm and Spring Boot variant of the secured REST quickstart
  • [THORN-1139] - logging to stdout / stderr
  • [THORN-1151] - EAP quickstart websocket-client doesn't work
  • [THORN-1157] - Embedded HTTPS certificate does not work with maven plugin
  • [THORN-1168] - Should the "logging" fraction be always present?
  • [THORN-1170] - autodetection on .war archive + undertow not detected = can't create default deployment
  • [THORN-1173] - maven-plugin is trying to download SNAPSHOTs from Maven Central
  • [THORN-1174] - -S stage is STILL BROKEN.
  • [THORN-1175] - topology-webapp missing a dependency on WF naming service: NoInitialContextException
  • [THORN-1207] - should CDI be autodetected when javax.annotation.* is present? or detect CDI based on presence of beans.xml?
  • [THORN-1208] - Cannot start using cmder
  • [THORN-1209] - Some $ENV vars should just be ignored.
  • [THORN-1215] - EAP quickstart jta-crash-rec: javax.resource.ResourceException: IJ031101: XADataSourceClass is undefined
  • [THORN-1221] - Test dependencies in m2repo of the fat jar
  • [THORN-1228] - NPE when deploying additional content via jboss-cli (http remote interface)
  • [THORN-1233] - SWARM-1209 broke custom properties in propertiesFile
  • [THORN-1239] - Error on topology-webapp: WFLYEE0007: Not installing optional component org.wildfly.swarm.topology.webapp.runtime.TopologySSEServlet$1 due to an exception
  • [THORN-1240] - Keycloak Server wrong event store provider config
  • [THORN-1247] - Simple standalone.xml causes: Duplicate resource [(\"subsystem\" => \"logging\")]"
  • [THORN-1249] - MavenPluginTest should pass through custom settings.xml setting
  • [THORN-1252] - on/off are treated as booleans
  • [THORN-1253] - NPE when login-config in project-defaults.yml is not present
  • [THORN-1256] - Error running topology-web on minishift
  • [THORN-1261] - swarm.topology.web-app.expose-topology-endpoint cannot be set.


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