Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2017.5.0 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [THORN-988] - Uber JAR contains superfluous dependencies when adding "org.wildfly.swarm:jaxrs-validator" fraction


  • [THORN-1235] - Logging fraction KEY format needs to be documented properly
  • [THORN-1262] - Simple REST Booster - Readiness/Liveness Probes
  • [THORN-1272] - The "jaxrs-multipart" fraction must be auto-detected when the resteasy-multipart-provider dependency is present
  • [THORN-1275] - autodetection support for MariaDB JDBC driver
  • [THORN-1304] - Generator could add some required configuration properties when topology-jgroups is chosen

Feature Request

  • [THORN-1278] - Add Teiid and more frequent used data sources are auto-detect enable


  • [THORN-983] - Unable to create Rest service using Wildfly swarm with url prefix tag so that service get registered in consul
  • [THORN-1001] - Bean not injected with CDI and Aquirlian test failed when SolrServer is used
  • [THORN-1051] - Not working with jboss-deployment-structure.xml
  • [THORN-1096] - Duplicate deps in wildfly-swarm-manifest.yaml
  • [THORN-1150] - Fractions Installed Multiple Times During Test
  • [THORN-1217] - EAP quickstart helloworld-html5: JAX-RS Application class gets generated even though JAX-RS is set up in web.xml
  • [THORN-1222] - should the "security" fraction be autodetected for annotations?
  • [THORN-1223] - The "jpa" fraction should be autodetected based on presence of the persistence.xml file
  • [THORN-1241] - Cannot disable topology endpoint from project-defaults.yaml
  • [THORN-1250] - REGRESSION: FractionUsageAnalyzer does not work with source("target/classes")
  • [THORN-1255] - HealthCheck returns 500 - Internal Server Error due to a NPE
  • [THORN-1259] - jaxrs-jsonp not loaded correctly
  • [THORN-1267] - swarm 2017.2.0 version build with some could not find artifact,but can build succcess
  • [THORN-1269] - Flyaway fraction does not detect migration scripts in /src/main/resources/db/migration
  • [THORN-1270] - Datasources fraction does not interpret xa-datasource-properties
  • [THORN-1271] - CRUD Booster on Minishift is unable to activate "openshift" profile
  • [THORN-1273] - Stage config file with .yaml extension
  • [THORN-1279] - Injecting the resource adapter from the example leads to IllegalArgumentException
  • [THORN-1296] - -S option not working for wildfly swarm
  • [THORN-1297] - silencing the "org.jboss.weld" log category during Swarm boot is overzealous
  • [THORN-1298] - enabling debug logging via "swarm.logging.category" system property results in double log messages
  • [THORN-1299] - Gradle Swarm plugin incorrectly resolves non-transitive artifacts (resulting in failures at startup)
  • [THORN-1300] - module declares unnecessary Weld module dependencies


  • [THORN-1032] - Add @AttributeDocumentation to all @Configurable usage in fractions
  • [THORN-1075] - Deprecate camel-other in favour of specific fractions
  • [THORN-1079] - Upgrade to wildfly-camel-4.6.0
  • [THORN-1094] - Draft and publish blog showing how users can try this out themselves
  • [THORN-1185] - Add Pipeline Support
  • [THORN-1186] - Define Booster Metadata
  • [THORN-1187] - Publish Booster to Launchpad
  • [THORN-1188] - ConfigMap Booster Updates
  • [THORN-1193] - HealthCheck Booster Updates
  • [THORN-1198] - JDBC REST Booster Updates
  • [THORN-1205] - Fraction creation doc updates
  • [THORN-1243] - Modify groupId and package name to `io.openshift.boosters`
  • [THORN-1263] - Update boosters to use Swarm 2017.4.0
  • [THORN-1264] - increase test coverage based on Swarm Examples
  • [THORN-1284] - Create a datasource example to demonstrate auto-detect
  • [THORN-1285] - SwarmExecutor.execute() wrongly references the weld-se-shaded artifact
  • [THORN-1286] - Updates to list of community fractions
  • [THORN-1287] - Align all titles on index.html pages with Mission/Booster Titles from docs
  • [THORN-1290] - Ensure all Boosters have readiness and liveness checks defined
  • [THORN-1291] - Rename Secured REST Booster repo
  • [THORN-1294] - Release new versions of all Boosters
  • [THORN-1295] - improve ArqLoggingLevelsTest to also check children of the custom.category

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