Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2017.3.3 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [THORN-900] - Resource security protection outside main()
  • [THORN-1128] - Support Environment Variables in project-<profile>.yml


  • [THORN-790] - WebServicesFraction should also depend on module
  • [THORN-1035] - Swarm Jar executable doesn't start in background
  • [THORN-1036] - management fraction required for HTTPS
  • [THORN-1040] - can't enable HTTPS without setting swarm.http.certificate.alias
  • [THORN-1051] - Not working with jboss-deployment-structure.xml
  • [THORN-1115] - persistence.xml should be located on proper path with @DefaultDeployment
  • [THORN-1116] - Monitor fraction doesn't work with @ConfigurationValue anymore
  • [THORN-1146] - Not working Logstash example because of its invalid project-defaults.yml
  • [THORN-1147] - test-in-container howto fails with exception
  • [THORN-1148] - -Dswarm.logging=<level> broken, unable to set root log level
  • [THORN-1152] - double's not suppported in config file
  • [THORN-1153] - Cannot start the application if we have custom logging configuration
  • [THORN-1155] - Datasource Test needs to handle non JDK7 connection classes
  • [THORN-1164] - -Dswarm.context.path=/my-path not honored after -jar


  • [THORN-969] - Document the driver names for auto detected drivers
  • [THORN-1142] - Basic, Digest, Form Auth Configuration Support
  • [THORN-1143] - Keycloak support


  • [THORN-1059] - Specifying an invalid configuration value for an enum should display the allowed values
  • [THORN-1162] - -S not correctly selecting activated profiles
  • [THORN-1163] - Provide an interface for WF Swarm version, etc
  • [THORN-1166] - Introduce JUnit Test Categories so we can exclude tests from different builds
  • [THORN-1167] - Remove main() in security/jaas examples

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