Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2017.3.2 - HTML format

Component Upgrade


  • [THORN-875] - project-stages enhancements
  • [THORN-913] - Improve warning message when HTTP/2 is requested in an unsupported environment
  • [THORN-945] - OpenTracing Hawkular fraction
  • [THORN-1014] - Tone down logging noise on startup (WF-Swarm vs Spring-Boot)
  • [THORN-1081] - Measure and improve boot-time performance.
  • [THORN-1098] - Gradle Plugin: Incremental Build
  • [THORN-1099] - Support maven war overlays in maven plugin run goal
  • [THORN-1100] - Swarmtool should support specifying additional dependencies
  • [THORN-1103] - Support embedded HTTPS certificate
  • [THORN-1105] - Add HTTPS only configuration, disabling HTTP interface and management HTTP interfaces.
  • [THORN-1106] - Allow undertow external mounts through ConfigView
  • [THORN-1107] - Should be List<Map<String, Object>> instead of List<String> for representing Keycloak Security Constrains
  • [THORN-1131] - Support building wildfly-swarm with user defined settings.xml (mvn -s ...)
  • [THORN-1135] - Unable to enable category-specific logging via
  • [THORN-1141] - Support building wildfly-swarm-examples with user defined settings.xml (mvn -s ...)

Feature Request

  • [THORN-894] - Provide alternatives to SwaggerArchive methods to prevent main()
  • [THORN-895] - Non main() configuration for Management Console
  • [THORN-897] - Non main() way to create topics and queues on messaging server
  • [THORN-898] - Non main() way to add Services and activate them in user deployment
  • [THORN-901] - Configurable way to set Transaction ports
  • [THORN-974] - scan deployment descriptors during fraction autodetection
  • [THORN-1018] - Generator for CDI JAX-RS API Enhancements should annotate generated endpoint class with @ApplicationScoped
  • [THORN-1029] - Support Keycloak client config though *.yml


  • [THORN-542] - Can't run main() from IDE when using only Gradle, not Maven
  • [THORN-734] - Maven goals wildfly-swarm:package, wildfly-swarm:analyze fail
  • [THORN-764] - Management-Console Fraction leads to exception in addAllDependencies while excute fat jar in cmd
  • [THORN-869] - additional fractions not included under certain conditions
  • [THORN-870] - autodetected fraction + the same fraction added as additional = build error
  • [THORN-885] - Investigate, understand, and repair any "harmless" warnings
  • [THORN-888] - Gradle Plugin Hardcoded Modules resource directory
  • [THORN-965] - Modules Unable to Locate Native Library
  • [THORN-970] - EJB fraction + forced fraction autodetection = EJB Remote fraction included
  • [THORN-1004] - adding CDI fraction results in WARN messages in the log
  • [THORN-1020] - org.wildfly.swarm.cli.Option#parse checks the wrong position of equal when a long arg name with equal
  • [THORN-1031] - Incorrect handling of transitive dependency with overridden version in dependencyManagement
  • [THORN-1041] - the configurable name "swarm.http.certificate.alias" is wrong
  • [THORN-1047] - Not working List of Map Configurable values with yml
  • [THORN-1048] - Add unit regression tests to Swarm.stageConfig()
  • [THORN-1052] - Wrong path is resolved in the HealthAnnotationProcessor.processArchive()
  • [THORN-1063] - Swarm plugin executs when packaging is pom
  • [THORN-1068] - StandaloneXmlParser incompatibility
  • [THORN-1071] - Restore support for -Dswarm.project.stage.file and -Dswarm.project.stage
  • [THORN-1078] - Packaging fat jar fails when using maven mirror that requires authentication
  • [THORN-1080] - Build fails with "GC overhead exceeded"
  • [THORN-1104] - Revert back to loading the ConfigView/StageConfig before start so user provided mains can configure fractions.
  • [THORN-1109] - IO Workers threads number is different from normal WildFly
  • [THORN-1112] - Project with just the management-console fails to start
  • [THORN-1113] - Infinispan-core is not available as a compile-time dependency when infinispan fraction is added
  • [THORN-1117] - run goal chokes on zip dependency
  • [THORN-1118] - Not working Keycloak example because the project-defaults.yml is invalid
  • [THORN-1119] - Missing some annotated beans
  • [THORN-1122] - CDI fraction has unnecessary dependency on Undertow fraction
  • [THORN-1124] - Large number of org/jboss/as modules are present in container /modules
  • [THORN-1133] - fraction autodetection broken for messaging
  • [THORN-1140] - Logging and Undertow fractions are not auto-detected anymore for Vaadin
  • [THORN-1145] - Release fails due to missing parent pom's (standalone-servers, testsuite)


  • [THORN-772] - [spike] Use stable version of Weld for Swarm core and user apps
  • [THORN-912] - write a blog post about running Java EE 7 Samples with Swarm
  • [THORN-946] - OpenTracing Hawkular example app
  • [THORN-1050] - Update all examples and HowTos to use project-defaults.yml instead of project-stages.yml
  • [THORN-1060] - Upgrade to wildfly-camel-4.5.0
  • [THORN-1065] - Finer-grained logging categories
  • [THORN-1074] - improve MavenPluginTest debuggability

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