Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2016.12.1 - HTML format


  • [THORN-730] - public API needs javadoc
  • [THORN-751] - WildFly Swarm System Properties swarm.https.port and swarm.https.certificate.generate do not work
  • [THORN-779] - Classes in deployment module show an INFO warning when loaded by Weld
  • [THORN-793] - Cannot add custom modules to WildFly Swarm using <resource-root> instead of <artifact> in the module.xml
  • [THORN-814] - fraction autodetection: mvn wildfly-swarm:package vs. :start
  • [THORN-817] - mvn wildfly-swarm:run does not work for dependencies added with DependenciesContainer.addAllDependencies()
  • [THORN-843] - Wrong default port number for the legacy remoting connector
  • [THORN-863] - Version 2016.11.0 doesn't stop properly (with custom main class)
  • [THORN-876] - Fraction auto-detection is bringing unused fractions
  • [THORN-879] - Maven plugin is missing authentication for Maven mirrors
  • [THORN-884] - Artifacts with classifiers are not found in ApplicationModuleFinder
  • [THORN-903] - Avoid always enabling HTTP/2 in HTTP/S connectors
  • [THORN-909] - Not reading project-stages.yml properly with wildfly-swarm:run/Run main from IDE
  • [THORN-911] - insufficient rules for fraction autodetection
  • [THORN-916] - default security subsystem configuration different from WildFly
  • [THORN-938] - Example resolve wrong artifact version


  • [THORN-784] - [spike] Difference between KeyCloak and RHSSO implementations
  • [THORN-856] - Clear up Example use of Main
  • [THORN-865] - [spike] Investigate performance improvements in BuildTool and Arquillian container
  • [THORN-874] - end-to-end tests for the Swarm Maven plugin
  • [THORN-920] - zipkin-jaxrs example


  • [THORN-570] - Creating datasources using the DatasourcesFraction should be straight forward
  • [THORN-849] - Keycloak fraction needs to read keycloak.json from files external to the -swarm.jar file

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