Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2016.12.0 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [THORN-686] - Update to WF Core 2.2.1
  • [THORN-810] - Update to latest OpenShift Client in topology-openshift


  • [THORN-688] - Don't show internal Fractions in list at container startup
  • [THORN-693] - Provide one well known default health check entrypoint
  • [THORN-714] - Hide Fractions from developer that are just exposing WF modules, such as `jaxrs-cdi`
  • [THORN-738] - The fraction plugin should provide build time jandex indexes to the Weld container
  • [THORN-739] - Formalize configuration values
  • [THORN-740] - Improve the UX around core and fraction dependency usage
  • [THORN-851] - add a test that a custom main method in a WAR project is actually executed

Feature Request

  • [THORN-514] - Means to easily bind a WildFly Swarm health endpoint to the kubernetes pod health check capability
  • [THORN-723] - Fraction for FluentD to integrate with EFK stack


  • [THORN-788] - OpenShift integration with WildFly Swarm


  • [THORN-204] - Exception when connecting Jolokia JVM agent.
  • [THORN-610] - The wildfly-self-contained.d directory lingers.
  • [THORN-612] - jboss-cli reload results in 404 / no deployment
  • [THORN-698] - Example README doc code does not match actual code
  • [THORN-744] - Failed to process logging directory /. Log files cannot be listed
  • [THORN-759] - @Inject @configurationValue Field String message is null
  • [THORN-806] - JPA+JAX-RS+CDI+JTA examples have wrong assertions
  • [THORN-825] - Container :api and :runtime modules don't include/exclude correct packages
  • [THORN-833] - bad default mod_cluster multicast address
  • [THORN-844] - Gradle project dependencies with 2 colons are resolved as jar dependencies
  • [THORN-845] - Unsatisfied dependencies for type RemotingFraction
  • [THORN-846] - Topology ProxyService's are never started
  • [THORN-848] - ServiceName ClassLoading issue with TopologyWebAppActivator
  • [THORN-850] - forgotten System.getProperty calls after the @Configurable conversion
  • [THORN-853] - @DefaultDeployment bungles paths on Windows
  • [THORN-854] - fraction autodetection is hard to debug
  • [THORN-857] - Secured Ribbon client gets CNFE on KeycloakSecurityContextAssociation when trying to propagate Bearer token
  • [THORN-858] - additional fractions: unintuitive behavior if the fraction is not found
  • [THORN-859] - fraction-plugin generates bad module.xml when used on Windows
  • [THORN-860] - Health examples fail with NoClassDefFoundError: org/jboss/dmr/ModelNode
  • [THORN-861] - DriverInfo fix for InvalidPathException on Windows
  • [THORN-862] - Multi Module Api in testsuite is not added to repo, so breaks when doing `mvn dependency:tree`
  • [THORN-864] - Ensure BYO JDBC works with Windows paths.


  • [THORN-649] - Provide docs for hollow uberJar's and external deployment artefacts
  • [THORN-823] - [spike] Scope & Review the ability to bring your own DB/JBDC

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