Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2016.10.0 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [THORN-437] - Support topology service advertisement via annotation(s)
  • [THORN-438] - Support topology service advertisement via code
  • [THORN-576] - Create JPA example using Transaction fraction


  • [THORN-543] - Cannot send JMS message to external ActiveMQ server when configured via ironjacamar
  • [THORN-558] - WAR deployment containing CDI beans fails to deploy
  • [THORN-582] - org.jboss.modules.ModuleNotFoundException:
  • [THORN-637] - Web service InvocationTargetException when using a custom
  • [THORN-652] - management console not running in uberjar
  • [THORN-662] - NPE when calling addAllDependencies()
  • [THORN-667] - Arquillian container fails to find dependencies in active Maven Profile
  • [THORN-669] - Building simple example fails under Windows 7 x64 (file locked by another process)
  • [THORN-681] - health endpoints are available on their original paths, but only if they are not secured
  • [THORN-684] - Add a shutdownHook to stop the RuntimeServer upon ctrl-c
  • [THORN-690] - FractionList brings wrong fraction information when a fraction is declared as a dependency of other fraction
  • [THORN-695] - Bootstrap fails due to empty default deployment
  • [THORN-696] - Transitive dependencies in multi module setups bring back fractions deps WEB-INF/lib
  • [THORN-697] - StackOverflowError during gradle artifactresolving
  • [THORN-700] - "swarm.port.offset" not working
  • [THORN-705] - Sporadic build failure on wildfly-swarm-plugin package : Unable to create -swarm.jar
  • [THORN-710] - ContextNotActiveException - No active contexts for scope type javax.inject.Singleton on shutdown
  • [THORN-742] - default initial logging format is different from default logging subsystem format


  • [THORN-123] - Provide more configuration for Jolokia


  • [THORN-664] - Provide API for jolokia-access.xml
  • [THORN-703] - Add meaningful descriptions for the Camel fractions
  • [THORN-721] - Expose capability to set socket-bindings & outbound-socket-bindings
  • [THORN-728] - throws exception
  • [THORN-735] - Remove Spring Boot from examples

Component Upgrade


  • [THORN-234] - JGroups naming needs to be improved
  • [THORN-666] - Support @Inject @ConfigurationValue Optional<VALUE>
  • [THORN-668] - Remove leftovers from pre-CDI internals
  • [THORN-674] - Review of this class "org.wildfly.swarm.container.ProjectStagesTest" which is commented
  • [THORN-726] - Configuring a connection factory to a remote ActiveMQ is entirely too painful.
  • [THORN-737] - Use 204 instead of 503 if no healthchecks are defined

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