Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2016.9 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [THORN-617] - Upgrade to WildFly 10.1.0.Final


  • [THORN-492] - Provide localized error messages and codes for Swarm exceptions
  • [THORN-526] - Define WildFly Swarm as product-name
  • [THORN-534] - Generator fractions selection
  • [THORN-604] - Running uber jar introduces redundant temp jar files in user tmp dir
  • [THORN-608] - Display installed fractions with their stabilityLevel at boot
  • [THORN-609] - Add appropriate debug logging in container to provide information about what's happening
  • [THORN-616] - Filter the core WildFly Swarm jars from a user's WEB-INF/lib if they appear there
  • [THORN-621] - Move :spi into main repository to simplify updating it
  • [THORN-631] - @ConfigurationValue should not provide a default empty value()
  • [THORN-639] - Unify and Simplify the various .conf handling
  • [THORN-644] - Change H2 Fraction stability to STABLE
  • [THORN-656] - Stopping WF-Swarm shows ERROR in log: because no Bean Validation provider could be found

Feature Request

  • [THORN-292] - Ability to deploy as WAR or java -jar
  • [THORN-293] - Pass a WAR to Swarm for deployment
  • [THORN-619] - Enable HTTP/2 support in the existing HTTP(/S) connectors
  • [THORN-628] - Allow enabling HTTP/S by generating a local keystore for testing purposes
  • [THORN-653] - Create a MicroProfile distribution


  • [THORN-527] - jboss-web defined context-root is ignored for health check resources
  • [THORN-549] - Creating project from generator cannot compile as JARs cannot download
  • [THORN-564] - Can't get underlying PostgreSQL database connection from datasource
  • [THORN-571] - Arquillian does not include src/main/resource/modules
  • [THORN-572] - BOM does not include version for arquillian-junit-container
  • [THORN-575] - swarmtool fails on javaee7 Stateless EJB example
  • [THORN-579] - @ConfigValue not working when running as an uberjar
  • [THORN-588] - HealthCheck endpoint doesn't work when JAX-RS @ApplicationPath defined
  • [THORN-596] - @CreateSwarm fails when test class implements interfaces or extends classes
  • [THORN-598] - swarm jmx could be used only with jar packaging
  • [THORN-611] - Weld warnings being displayed when starting a swarmed app
  • [THORN-613] - ModuleNotFoundException while run example with 2016.8.1
  • [THORN-614] - Container provided dependencies cannot be declared as such for WAR
  • [THORN-615] - Manual lookup of CDI-Instance doesn't work since 2016.8.1
  • [THORN-620] - Generator search doesn't recognize 'jax-'
  • [THORN-622] - Remove reference to Fraction.InitContext in docs
  • [THORN-626] - confusions between swarm jars and application dependencies
  • [THORN-633] - Arquillian container is not available in `bom` only `bom-all`
  • [THORN-635] - ExplodedImporter not available in main()
  • [THORN-650] - Microprofile example fails to start
  • [THORN-651] - AmbiguousResolutionException when starting uberjar
  • [THORN-654] - Hollow jars are not recognized as such
  • [THORN-657] - can't run tests using the Arquillian Daemon when another application listens on port 12345


  • [THORN-562] - Add swarm.fraction.tags property to camel fraction pom.xml files

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