Release Notes - Thorntail - Version 2016.8 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [THORN-258] - Add jdr subsystem from WildFly
  • [THORN-499] - WildFly Swarm Vert.X fraction


  • [THORN-486] - Can't load project-stages.yml on classpath with Arq
  • [THORN-524] - Make the JAX-RS client API available through the jaxrs fraction
  • [THORN-528] - swarm.http.port and swarm.port.offset do not work with @ArquillianResource URL baseURL
  • [THORN-536] - docker container - WFLYCTL0079: Failed initializing module
  • [THORN-538] - Camel examples do not eager open HTTP port
  • [THORN-544] - swagger-ui error with jaxrs fraction
  • [THORN-545] - Slow Startup Since 'Final' Release
  • [THORN-546] - Fraction does not retain state from Main to Runtime
  • [THORN-551] - Infinispan - access default cache - ClassCastException
  • [THORN-553] - Error with logging fraction when using PeriodicSizeRotatingFileHandler
  • [THORN-556] - Expose stability index (and friendly word) in the fraction-lists
  • [THORN-563] - Finer granularity in the @Configuration annotation(s)
  • [THORN-565] - Failed to run Main() within IDE
  • [THORN-566] - slf4j bindings do not work
  • [THORN-574] - Keycloak Fraction fails because of ClassCastException when web.xml is added via Shrinkwrap
  • [THORN-578] - Using gradle, the Main method executes differently in IDE and Swarm.jar
  • [THORN-580] - Swarm Uber-jar does not work with gradle and a source-jar-task
  • [THORN-586] - IllegalStateException when accessing monitoring endpoints
  • [THORN-587] - Unable to connect to Remote JMS
  • [THORN-589] - Running Arquillian Persistence Extension with Wildfly Swarm example throws an exception
  • [THORN-590] - keycloak-server fraction is missing an infinispan cache "authorization" entry
  • [THORN-597] - Simplify RuntimeServer CDI bootstrap
  • [THORN-599] - Attempt to use and configure JMXFraction fails with CNFE
  • [THORN-600] - Provide for enabling the legacy remoting port binding
  • [THORN-602] - config-api-generator can not recongnize attribute start with number and short string
  • [THORN-607] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -1 during plugin JAR build


  • [THORN-584] - Upgrade to wildfly-camel-4.2.0


  • [THORN-481] - Move default DS creation out of jpa
  • [THORN-482] - Provide a fraction to serve the admin console static assets
  • [THORN-539] - Add camel-swagger example
  • [THORN-555] - Merge Swarm and Container into a single class
  • [THORN-594] - Make default deployment factories CDI components
  • [THORN-595] - Re-organize container.runtime

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