Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 18.1.1.Final - HTML format


  • [WFCORE-5649] - Assertion arguments should be passed in the correct order (cli)


  • [WFCORE-3407] - Logging deployments that contain a logging configuration file do not clear the log context
  • [WFCORE-5805] - HostControllerBootOperationsTestCase fails intermittently when Security Manager is enabled
  • [WFCORE-5861] - InaccessibleObjectException with OpenJDK17 and embed-server
  • [WFCORE-5871] - Invalid operator error launching the server in dash
  • [WFCORE-5894] - The test UndertowService is missing required permissions
  • [WFCORE-5902] - UT005090: Unexpected failure: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.ByteBuffer.limit(I)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer


  • [WFCORE-5799] - Restore ReloadRedirectTestCase.testRedirectWithSecurityCommands and CLIAuthenticationTestCase

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