Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.0.Alpha13 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [WFCORE-856] - Upgrade to WildFly Elytron 1.0.0.Alpha3

Feature Request

  • [WFCORE-867] - Update ServiceRemoveStepHandler to use isRuntimeRequired from the AbstractAddStepHandler


  • [WFCORE-802] - Cannot read and list log files in sub-directory of jboss.server.log.dir
  • [WFCORE-849] - XmlCompletionScannerTest fails with IBM JDK 8
  • [WFCORE-854] - CLI Variables 'set' command broken
  • [WFCORE-855] - Intermittent Disconnection from CLI After Reload in domain mode
  • [WFCORE-858] - CLI ends with NullPointerException after "ls" command and "tab" key
  • [WFCORE-863] - CLI keeps reminding it's disconnected after every executed command when it's disconnected
  • [WFCORE-870] - Seeing frequent "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: 'acl:acl' not supported as initial attribute" on Solaris arch


  • [WFCORE-844] - Add smoke test for hierarchical composition in CLI

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