Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.0.Alpha5 - HTML format


  • [WFCORE-719] - JDK 1.8 javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory: Provider com.sun.script.javascript.RhinoScriptEngineFactory not found
  • [WFCORE-746] - Provides a UUID per server instance
  • [WFCORE-759] - Improve encapsulation of logic for handling ordered resource children

Feature Request

  • [WFCORE-718] - Add a CLI command builder to the launcher API
  • [WFCORE-750] - Capability requirement resolution for socket-bindings
  • [WFCORE-762] - Proper descriptions for the profile clone op
  • [WFCORE-767] - Introduce parameters object for SimpleResourceDefinition
  • [WFCORE-770] - Introduce parameters object for AbstractAddStepHandler


  • [WFCORE-617] - Invalid 'started in' values for embedded CLI server
  • [WFCORE-716] - Once server in reload-required state capabilities no longer checked at stage Model.
  • [WFCORE-717] - duplicates some options in JAVA_OPTS
  • [WFCORE-724] - CLI throws IAE on tab completion
  • [WFCORE-727] - Some commands throws NPE on tab completion once disconnected
  • [WFCORE-749] - Add SELF_CONTAINED to ServerService.getProcessType()
  • [WFCORE-752] - Only one deployment overlay can be created for each deployment
  • [WFCORE-754] - EAP fails to start with -bmanagement= option and with specific IP settings
  • [WFCORE-758] - ClassNotFoundException: javax.sql.RowSet
  • [WFCORE-763] - Persisting an empty list [] gets read as a list with empty string [""] resulting in IllegalArgumentException
  • [WFCORE-765] - Shutdown error in domain mode
  • [WFCORE-769] - Boot errors should hide the failure description if the failing operation is not accessible
  • [WFCORE-778] - Remoting subsystem requires capability even in a domain profile meant for servers with no io subsystem


  • [WFCORE-713] - Add capability registrations for the management interfaces.
  • [WFCORE-732] - Extend tests for CLI commands extensibility
  • [WFCORE-748] - Clean up logging subsystem parsers
  • [WFCORE-757] - Change build process to generate host.xml files from subsystem templates
  • [WFCORE-772] - Change the names of capabilities added by extensions

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