Release Notes - WildFly Core - Version 2.0.0.Alpha3 - HTML format

Component Upgrade

Feature Request

  • [WFCORE-287] - Provide an operation to execute domain wide queries on the server side
  • [WFCORE-668] - Make the INFO logging from deprecated attributes configurable, also improve the message


  • [WFCORE-441] - Strange address handling in ReadResourceDescriptionHandler
  • [WFCORE-442] - AbstractMultiTargetHandler-based handlers do not propagate failures to the top level failure-description
  • [WFCORE-561] - Class loading problem with XAResource and XADataSource
  • [WFCORE-639] - ManagementPermissionAuthorizer is limited to the standard roles for its authorizeJmxOperation impl
  • [WFCORE-697] - CLI does not handle paths with a value of '/'
  • [WFCORE-702] - periodic-size-rotating-file-handler is missing from logging profiles
  • [WFCORE-706] - Non exploded deployments are incorrectly marked as exploded


  • [WFCORE-85] - Remove non socket-binding attributes from management interfaces
  • [WFCORE-308] - Switch default of skip-group-loading to 'true' for local auth.
  • [WFCORE-555] - Minimize usage of jboss-common-* jars
  • [WFCORE-698] - Patching CLI: document and enable for tab-completion --distribution, --module-path and --bundle-path


  • [WFCORE-510] - Fix filtering in domain mode
  • [WFCORE-612] - Fix composite response structures
  • [WFCORE-649] - Port jboss-as-logging_1_5.xsd to WildFly Core
  • [WFCORE-651] - Port jboss-as-remoting_1_2.xsd to WildFly Core
  • [WFCORE-703] - An ObjectTypeAttributeDefinition should recursively handle a resolveModelAttribute call.

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