Release Notes - WildFly Elytron - Version 1.8.0.Final - HTML format

Component Upgrade

  • [ELY-1702] - Update mockserver-netty to 5.4.1


  • [ELY-1650] - Automatic detection of file based KeyStore types.

Feature Request

  • [ELY-1466] - Add configuration option to BASIC mechanism to switch off challenging
  • [ELY-1686] - Utility to port legacy properties files into a FileSystemRealm


  • [ELY-1457] - Unable to run testsuite using mvn surefire:test
  • [ELY-1464] - Programatic authentication should be caching the SecurityIdentity not the name of the identity
  • [ELY-1663] - BC FIPS, Management Interface, ELY04001: No algorithm found matching TLS/SSL protocol selection criteria
  • [ELY-1677] - Elytron Bearer Token Authentication - Return a 401 on Invalid Token
  • [ELY-1690] - JDK11 unknow cipher suites
  • [ELY-1691] - Add test if Mechansim Database cover cipher suites from JDK
  • [ELY-1696] - Dead code in ElytronXmlParser - PrivateKeyKeyStoreEntryCredentialFactory
  • [ELY-1699] - Intermittently failing AcmeClientSpiTest
  • [ELY-1703] - Intermittent failure of PrincipalMappingSuiteChild#testDnToDnVerify
  • [ELY-1747] - Programmatic web authentication does not save the password as a credential


  • [ELY-1693] - Update AcmeClientSpi to make use of POST-as-GET instead of GET
  • [ELY-1746] - The getInputStream and getOutputStream methods can return 'null'


  • [ELY-1758] - Release WildFly Elytron 1.8.0.Final

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