Release Notes - Hot Rod Native client - Version 8.1.0.CR2 - HTML format


  • [HRCPP-351] - cache get doesn't work with protobuf marshaller
  • [HRCPP-352] - ProtoStreamMarshaller typeId must be configurable
  • [HRCPP-353] - .NET test suite hides exceptions thrown during ISPN server startup
  • [HRCPP-354] - SSL socker read hangs when socket is closed server side
  • [HRCPP-355] - Fix memleaks reported by valgrind in event framework
  • [HRCPP-357] - Custom remote events are not caught by the client
  • [HRCPP-358] - Failover remote events are not processed by the client
  • [HRCPP-360] - IVersionedValue.GetVersion returns type long while cache.ReplaceWithVersion accepts ulong
  • [HRCPP-365] - near cache loses entries version
  • [HRCPP-366] - Unable to register filter for remote events

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