Release Notes - Hot Rod Native client - Version 8.2.0.Alpha2 - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [HRCPP-405] - Implement getAll operation
  • [HRCPP-407] - Continuous queries support for C#


  • [HRCPP-271] - Remove out of date C++ client docs
  • [HRCPP-398] - Catch random failure of cachemanager.stop() in NearCacheTest
  • [HRCPP-403] - Near cache listener is not removed when the cache manager stops
  • [HRCPP-409] - Preserve SASL callback handler from garbage collector
  • [HRCPP-417] - execCmdOperation request contains duplicate args
  • [HRCPP-418] - with compatibility mode, response status code is incorrectly processed


  • [HRCPP-381] - Add continuous queries support
  • [HRCPP-382] - Replace event queue between C++ and C# with swig %feature
  • [HRCPP-395] - Tcp port over 2^15 are sometimes interpreted as negative
  • [HRCPP-397] - InetSocketAddress.port initializer needs an unsigned cast
  • [HRCPP-424] - Update java test suite to 9.1.1.Final
  • [HRCPP-427] - Test remote execute with more than 1 arg


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