Release Notes - Hot Rod Native client - Version 8.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [HRCPP-286] - Add XSite failover capability
  • [HRCPP-287] - Add events framework
  • [HRCPP-296] - Support for Query Language
  • [HRCPP-297] - Add support for SNI
  • [HRCPP-298] - Equip the native clients with a near cache system
  • [HRCPP-313] - C# wrap event framework
  • [HRCPP-346] - Extend BasicMarshaller to support more C++ basic types


  • [HRCPP-284] - Unable to use client authentication with C# client
  • [HRCPP-303] - Calling COUNT function on empty field returns empty string instead of 0
  • [HRCPP-312] - RemoteCacheManage::getCache must use Configuration.forceReturnValue as default
  • [HRCPP-315] - Balancing Strategy needs the list of failed servers
  • [HRCPP-323] - Methods for cluster switch are not exposed in the RemoteCacheManager interface
  • [HRCPP-325] - C# API has not methods to configure SNI
  • [HRCPP-326] - .NET client is missing AddCluster method on configuration builder for X-S failover
  • [HRCPP-328] - ClusterConfigurationBuilder is not chainable
  • [HRCPP-348] - Static Protobuf library is not found on Windows when HOTROD_PREBUILT_LIB_DIR is used
  • [HRCPP-354] - SSL socker read hangs when socket is closed server side
  • [HRCPP-355] - Fix memleaks reported by valgrind in event framework
  • [HRCPP-356] - Query with ordering throws NumberFormatException
  • [HRCPP-357] - Custom remote events are not caught by the client
  • [HRCPP-358] - Failover remote events are not processed by the client
  • [HRCPP-360] - IVersionedValue.GetVersion returns type long while cache.ReplaceWithVersion accepts ulong
  • [HRCPP-365] - near cache loses entries version
  • [HRCPP-366] - Unable to register filter for remote events


  • [HRCPP-290] - Simplify Configuration: remove ConfigurationChildBuilder.h
  • [HRCPP-293] - Implement AddClientListenerOperation
  • [HRCPP-316] - Socket/Transport refactoring for events and failover
  • [HRCPP-343] - Remove portable.h file
  • [HRCPP-368] - Updating standalone.xml to work with Infinispan 9.0.0.CR3 release
  • [HRCPP-369] - simple-tls-client-auth and simple-tls-sni-client-auth failures on Windows 7
  • [HRCPP-371] - Update test suite to run against 9.0.0.Final


  • [HRCPP-265] - Use SChannel on Windows instead of OpenSSL
  • [HRCPP-274] - Remove some warnings in the build
  • [HRCPP-311] - Client should load PEM certificate also from file
  • [HRCPP-321] - .NET Remove .h in swig/include/swig folder
  • [HRCPP-322] - Use the same names used in Java for RemoteCacheManager cluster switch methods
  • [HRCPP-324] - Add "entry expired" event to the event framework

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