Release Notes - apiman (API Management) - Version 1.3.3.Final - HTML format


  • [APIMAN-1309] - Enable echo server to support multiple same-key headers
  • [APIMAN-1313] - Allow all TLS versions in dev mode

Feature Request

  • [APIMAN-1292] - Listen to single host/IP in Vert.x Gateway
  • [APIMAN-1311] - List entities on Apiman Gateway directly
  • [APIMAN-1312] - CI: Docker builds of all successful master commits


  • [APIMAN-1293] - Ability to use variable substitution in Vert.X config is unpredictable
  • [APIMAN-1297] - Auth section of Vert.X configuration doesn't support env variable substitution
  • [APIMAN-1308] - Support multiple same-key headers in servlet implementations
  • [APIMAN-1317] - Ensure Shade plugin merges providers in META-INF


  • [APIMAN-1307] - Use HTTPs URLs for community registries
  • [APIMAN-1310] - Add WF 11 distro and docker builds
  • [APIMAN-1315] - Clearer handling of unexpected exceptions in ErrorWriter implementations
  • [APIMAN-1316] - CI: Use Travis CI build pipelines

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