Release Notes - apiman (API Management) - Version 1.3.1.Final - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [APIMAN-1231] - Stream closed / Broken Pipe issues with custom plugin
  • [APIMAN-1243] - Response when API cannot be accessed should be improved
  • [APIMAN-1263] - Fix Docker image to work with OpenShift
  • [APIMAN-1271] - CORS plugin breaks on Vert.x
  • [APIMAN-1278] - Vert.x Gateway: Apply SSL config options properly
  • [APIMAN-1281] - IPeriodicComponent missing from Vert.x example configs
  • [APIMAN-1282] - NPE from DefaultPolicyErrorWriter when exception message null.
  • [APIMAN-1283] - Ensure connector errors are properly pushed through stack.


  • [APIMAN-1262] - Update WF10 docker image to use WildFly 10.1.0.Final
  • [APIMAN-1267] - Upgrade Keycloak to 2.5.x
  • [APIMAN-1273] - Add config to Vert.x distro using 3scale immutable registry
  • [APIMAN-1274] - Fix intermittent build failure issues
  • [APIMAN-1277] - Remove SNAPSHOT policy config reloading due to perf issues
  • [APIMAN-1280] - Add example 3scale config to Vert.x distro
  • [APIMAN-1284] - Change StringBuffer to StringBuilder
  • [APIMAN-1285] - Resolve CI intermittent build failures


  • [APIMAN-1260] - Enable ALPN if a implementation is available (for HTTP2).
  • [APIMAN-1261] - Allow all Http(s)ServerOptions to be configured
  • [APIMAN-1269] - Improve Vert.x Echo Server to add HTTPS and HTTP2 (when available)
  • [APIMAN-1276] - Enable HTTP/2 when ALPN present

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