Release Notes - apiman (API Management) - Version 1.1.6.Final - HTML format


  • [APIMAN-190] - Enable configuration of verticles in json config

Feature Request

  • [APIMAN-219] - Policy - Caching
  • [APIMAN-499] - Policy: quota based on bytes transferred
  • [APIMAN-519] - Metrics: consumer metrics UI (for applications)
  • [APIMAN-545] - Allow distro-es to bind to a specific interface
  • [APIMAN-550] - Add support for JBoss EAP 6.4
  • [APIMAN-557] - Allow Service version to be specified in a custom HTTP header
  • [APIMAN-558] - Allow specifying the Service version in the Accept header
  • [APIMAN-564] - Policy: Quotas
  • [APIMAN-577] - Support environment variables in interpolation


  • [APIMAN-412] - Possible to make invalid regex pattern in auth policy
  • [APIMAN-428] - Clicking on a service version results in 404 error
  • [APIMAN-457] - Some HTTP error responses result in runtime exceptions in the Gateway
  • [APIMAN-561] - Wrong Column Type in Table service_defs (postgres)
  • [APIMAN-570] - NullPointerException when Metrics not populated for a Service
  • [APIMAN-571] - Endpoint Security - when BASIC auth is used it should overwrite incoming Authorization header
  • [APIMAN-572] - Creating a Service before Creating a Gateway Prevents it from being Published
  • [APIMAN-573] - User gets server error right-after logging into apimanui
  • [APIMAN-579] - Attempt to create existing resource version leads to server error.
  • [APIMAN-584] - Policy: URL Re-writing
  • [APIMAN-585] - Attribute "publishedOn" is not set after service is published
  • [APIMAN-590] - Quickstart: Missing bootstrap data for elasticsearch
  • [APIMAN-592] - It is possible to use empty string as version name
  • [APIMAN-599] - Full build problem when using SSL certificates at system level
  • [APIMAN-603] - Rest test suite doesn't handle non-determinism in query param ordering
  • [APIMAN-608] - It is possible to break contract on registered application
  • [APIMAN-609] - Break contract requests returning incorrect status code
  • [APIMAN-610] - Stack trace after login on /apiman context


  • [APIMAN-328] - Change JIRA summary (outdated Overlord references)
  • [APIMAN-513] - Add a "contributors" page to the apiman web site
  • [APIMAN-517] - Upgrade vertx gateway to vert.x 3
  • [APIMAN-567] - Blog Post: using plugins to contribute components
  • [APIMAN-612] - Ensure MTLS still works now that OK is the http client


  • [APIMAN-191] - Vertx: Support improved RESTful-style paths on gateway
  • [APIMAN-206] - Support "public" services in the vert.x gateway impl
  • [APIMAN-533] - Option to not fail BASIC auth if auth header is missing or not BASIC
  • [APIMAN-578] - Use OkHttpClient as the impl for connecting to back-end services (in the connector factory)
  • [APIMAN-604] - Support a secured Elasticsearch instance
  • [APIMAN-605] - Warnings on closing resources

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