Release Notes - WINDUP - Red Hat Application Migration Toolkit - Version 3.0.0.Final - HTML format



  • [WINDUP-1141] - Document support for specifying an individual file for additional rules paths
  • [WINDUP-1277] - Need to use Opcodes.ASM5 to decompile classes using Java 8 features
  • [WINDUP-1285] - Clear Windup server between separate executions of Windup.
  • [WINDUP-1288] - Windup-eclipse plugin wrongly generates report only for one of 3 projects
  • [WINDUP-1290] - Project hierarchy tree seems to leak over to Issue Explorer when importing non-maven project
  • [WINDUP-1294] - Quickfix dialog should apply selected quickfix when multiple exists
  • [WINDUP-1297] - bin/windup using Bash syntax causes error when run with /bin/sh
  • [WINDUP-1298] - Rule org.jboss.windup.rules.apps.xml.xml.ValidateXmlFilesRuleProvider takes time in offline env
  • [WINDUP-1306] - Classification file attachment cache is not working correctly
  • [WINDUP-1319] - Unfinished features are shown again on Execution Detail page


  • [WINDUP-1167] - [Docs] Create 3.0 version of docs
  • [WINDUP-1168] - [Docs] Create 3.0 release notes
  • [WINDUP-1283] - [Docs] Complete Windup Eclipse plugin guide
  • [WINDUP-1291] - [Docs] Add section on custom rule categories
  • [WINDUP-1292] - [Docs] Change artifact attributes in <project> syntax example

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