Release Notes - WildFly - Version 19.1.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [WFLY-13003] - Support the SameSite cookie attribute


  • [WFLY-12834] - CVE-2019-14887 The 'enabled-protocols' value in legacy security is not respected if OpenSSL security provider is in use
  • [WFLY-13162] - ConcurrentModificationException in WildFlyJobXmlResolver
  • [WFLY-13264] - [19.0.x] Messages are being added to topic even if there are no subscribers
  • [WFLY-13268] - MP Fault Tolerance quickstart cannot resolve dependencies with wildfly-microprofile BOM
  • [WFLY-13271] - Some of the quickstarts do not use the correct WildFly version
  • [WFLY-13304] - JwtActivationProcessor throws NPE when LoginConfig#realmName not declared
  • [WFLY-13308] - wildfly-ejb-client-bom version incorrectly managed by wildfly parent
  • [WFLY-13316] - MicroProfile OpenTracing integration requires scope request
  • [WFLY-13333] - OpenAPI endpoint returns empty file if schema definition contains non ASCII character
  • [WFLY-13334] - MP Opentracing tests are not passing with a Security Manager
  • [WFLY-13405] - Update CommonDeploymentService in release.


  • [WFLY-13318] - Add a "Smoke" JWT test case to use as a basis for further tests.
  • [WFLY-13394] - Release org.jboss.universe.producer:wildfly-producers:1.1.3.Final

Component Upgrade

  • [WFLY-12870] - Upgrade JBoss JSF API from 3.0.0.SP01 to 3.0.0.SP02
  • [WFLY-13255] - Upgrade to Apache WSS4j 2.2.5
  • [WFLY-13272] - Upgrade widfly-maven-plugin to 2.0.2.Final
  • [WFLY-13288] - Upgrade Mojarra to 2.3.9.SP08
  • [WFLY-13326] - Upgrade RESTEasy to 3.11.2.Final
  • [WFLY-13337] - Upgrade CXF from 3.3.5 to 3.3.6 (Fixes CVE-2020-1954)
  • [WFLY-13342] - Upgrade netty from 4.1.45.Final to 4.1.48 (resolves CVE-2020-11612)
  • [WFLY-13380] - Upgrade dom4j from 2.1.1 to 2.1.3
  • [WFLY-13414] - Upgrade WildFly Core 11.1.1.Final


  • [WFLY-13258] - Some MP Quickstarts use commons-logging
  • [WFLY-13398] - MicroProfile OpenAPI Quickstart README.adoc missing attributes

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