Release Notes - RTGov (Run Time Governance) - Version 2.1.0.Final - HTML format


  • [RTGOV-651] - Add a Refresh button to Resubmit Failures tab
  • [RTGOV-652] - Sortable columns on Resubmit Failures tab
  • [RTGOV-653] - Persistent filter criteria on Situations page

Feature Request

  • [RTGOV-639] - Update jackson from 1.9 to fasterxml jackson 2.x
  • [RTGOV-643] - keycloak configuration should not include host/port
  • [RTGOV-644] - Enable MVELExpressionEvaluator to evaluate more complex scripts (with Variables)
  • [RTGOV-649] - Status handling for Situations


  • [RTGOV-637] - Kibana console not working on EAP with KeyCloak
  • [RTGOV-646] - Error dialog window not being displayed
  • [RTGOV-647] - Resubmit parent not defined when using batch resubmit
  • [RTGOV-648] - Error notification displayed after doing batch delete but still seems to work
  • [RTGOV-650] - A Situation is always resubmitted to localhost:8080
  • [RTGOV-654] - RT-Gov Analytics not accessible on https due to hardcoded protocol for ElasticSearch URL
  • [RTGOV-655] - Situations page only partially refreshed
  • [RTGOV-657] - NPE in Situations page when filtering by Severity

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