Release Notes - RTGov (Run Time Governance) - Version 1.0.0.M5 - HTML format


  • [RTGOV-20] - Define the BPM activity model components
  • [RTGOV-25] - BPEL activity collector
  • [RTGOV-30] - Event Processor Network configuration validation
  • [RTGOV-33] - jBPM activity collector
  • [RTGOV-164] - Deploying the wars
  • [RTGOV-167] - Add fault count to InvocationMetrics
  • [RTGOV-175] - Add CDI transaction interceptor to ActivityServerImpl to control txn scope
  • [RTGOV-180] - Service overview component ordering
  • [RTGOV-191] - Switchyard event interceptor should transfer provider details from response to request
  • [RTGOV-197] - Implement time window query in JPAActivityStore for context of type Link
  • [RTGOV-198] - Update information processor config to support 'timeframe' value for use with Link context
  • [RTGOV-200] - Call trace builder needs to take timeframe into account when using link context
  • [RTGOV-202] - Call trace REST service support retrieving call trace based on Context
  • [RTGOV-209] - Configuration for username and password in RESTActivityServer

Feature Request

  • [RTGOV-55] - NPE when using H2 inmemory with JTA
  • [RTGOV-57] - Pluggable solution for colour coding service dependency graph
  • [RTGOV-58] - Record service impl details with SOA interaction activity events
  • [RTGOV-59] - Enable security on REST services
  • [RTGOV-64] - Activity collector event filtering
  • [RTGOV-151] - Persist event processor derived results
  • [RTGOV-153] - Define ootb EPN for persisting Situation events
  • [RTGOV-156] - XSLT transformer for transforming information content
  • [RTGOV-168] - Supply message header values to information processor
  • [RTGOV-181] - Associating separate Activity Units with SOA and BPM related events
  • [RTGOV-195] - Send email on detection of situation from EPN and/or Activity Validator


  • [RTGOV-141] - Xpath evaluation of non-namspace aware nodes returning null result
  • [RTGOV-166] - Situations not reflected on service overview
  • [RTGOV-178] - Unable to run arquillian tests against EAP 6.1
  • [RTGOV-182] - Monitoring switchyard exchanges using event listener mechanism fails to pass through sync policy enforcement exceptions
  • [RTGOV-186] - Hibernate exception when accessing call trace
  • [RTGOV-193] - Activity client in samples folder fails with "Absent Code" exception for InheritanceType class
  • [RTGOV-194] - "Key not found" error on ActiveMap when using activity client sample
  • [RTGOV-210] - Service overview links are showing zero invocation metrics


  • [RTGOV-127] - Support MySQL and Postgres
  • [RTGOV-146] - Test custom event processor packaged with activity interceptor
  • [RTGOV-149] - mvn clean doesn't work in samle folder (deployment)
  • [RTGOV-159] - Apply RTGov branding to gadget server when installing
  • [RTGOV-160] - Specify interface type in SOA activity events
  • [RTGOV-161] - Simplify db configuration
  • [RTGOV-165] - Only install gadget server with RTGov server configuration
  • [RTGOV-173] - Document information processing for header values
  • [RTGOV-188] - Change order mgmt app quickstart from war to jar
  • [RTGOV-189] - Change default db to use h2 file based datasource
  • [RTGOV-190] - Create H2 db on installation
  • [RTGOV-196] - Create H2 db on installation for gadget server
  • [RTGOV-206] - Document Link context type
  • [RTGOV-208] - Update documentation for customising service overview colour script

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