Release Notes - RTGov (Run Time Governance) - Version 1.0.0.M4 - HTML format


  • [RTGOV-31] - Add context and properties fields to Situation

Feature Request

  • [RTGOV-37] - Provide lazy instantiation option for active collections
  • [RTGOV-66] - Synchronous activity event processing
  • [RTGOV-73] - Capture principal info from switchyard environment
  • [RTGOV-86] - Package persistence specific files in distribution
  • [RTGOV-143] - Support explicitly removing event from Drools rule
  • [RTGOV-144] - Information processor transformation component
  • [RTGOV-147] - Enable values extracted for context and properties to be marked as optional
  • [RTGOV-155] - Situation should identify physical location


  • [RTGOV-3] - Exception in call trace builder
  • [RTGOV-6] - Exception during schema creation in H2
  • [RTGOV-7] - Switchyard auditor not handling fault responses correctly
  • [RTGOV-10] - Exception when EPN JMX class attempts to unregister network listener
  • [RTGOV-148] - Item not found response causing property evaluator expression error


  • [RTGOV-102] - Document installation instructions for different server configurations
  • [RTGOV-103] - Activity store "out of the box" configuration for in-memory H2
  • [RTGOV-114] - Change BAM to RTGov
  • [RTGOV-115] - BAM should work in a clustered JBossAS environment
  • [RTGOV-132] - Configuration of REST Active Server client
  • [RTGOV-134] - Document using JPA activity store
  • [RTGOV-137] - Move switchyard helper classes for activity reporting and active collection access to general JEE module
  • [RTGOV-138] - Investigate deserialising custom activity types
  • [RTGOV-139] - Transaction scope around activity server store
  • [RTGOV-142] - Rename CEP event processor to Drools
  • [RTGOV-145] - invoking the gadget server's deploy target in the deployment.
  • [RTGOV-158] - Collector context: remove retrieval of principal as needs to be obtained from individual transactions

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