Release Notes - DTGov (Design Time Governance) - Version 1.4 - HTML format


  • [DTGOV-134] - Workflow/KIE JAR: Add support for maven keywords - LATEST / RELEASE
  • [DTGOV-169] - Add inheritance to Target class
  • [DTGOV-184] - password encryption in overlord commons
  • [DTGOV-209] - Update the ProcessesPage UI to also include deployed workflows (definitions)
  • [DTGOV-216] - Custom Deployer Type field should be a drop-down
  • [DTGOV-217] - Place keyboard focus into Name field when adding a property to a custom deployment target
  • [DTGOV-218] - Custom Target Type Demo
  • [DTGOV-231] - Fuse Fabric commands refactoring

Feature Request

  • [DTGOV-144] - Support Fuse/Fabric deployment using karaf commands
  • [DTGOV-161] - Enable user to set expiration time
  • [DTGOV-163] - Link to artifact from Human Task form
  • [DTGOV-187] - Change pom.xml version property format to "version.x.y.z"
  • [DTGOV-226] - Remove dtgov warnings


  • [DTGOV-185] - Tab key is disabled for deployment target UI (CLI form)
  • [DTGOV-191] - Dtgov fuse fabric errors
  • [DTGOV-200] - Task Inbox paging is incorrect
  • [DTGOV-205] - Deployment Target UI doesn't support "custom" target types
  • [DTGOV-223] - Exception Jaxb Provider SystemResource deployers call
  • [DTGOV-227] - Fuse Deployment Exceptions
  • [DTGOV-230] - Workflows/Process List UI filter problems
  • [DTGOV-232] - Workflows sources missing from
  • [DTGOV-233] - Use Karaf Commands to include UI Headers in the Fabric deployment
  • [DTGOV-236] - ant script distro assembly error
  • [DTGOV-238] - Dtgov karaf commands. Use aes encrypter for passwords


  • [DTGOV-4] - Deployment target configuration/management UI
  • [DTGOV-197] - Ensure that DTGov deployments work using JON/RHQ as the deployment type
  • [DTGOV-207] - Document: DTGov's s-ramp data model
  • [DTGOV-208] - Ensure naming consistency for all DTGov artifact types
  • [DTGOV-222] - Confirm the @Produces annotation is accurate for all DTGov Services (e.g. NotificationService, DeploymentService)

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