Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.60.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request


  • [DROOLS-5823] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration NamedConsequencesTest
  • [DROOLS-5827] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration NullSafeDereferencingTest
  • [DROOLS-6337] - today() and now() functions not evaluated correctly in Test Scenarios
  • [DROOLS-6374] - Unknown variable: $object in foreach loop
  • [DROOLS-6442] - duplicate case label error in DomainClassesMetadata
  • [DROOLS-6547] - NullSafeDereferencing misses null check in LambdaExtractor for index with exec-model
  • [DROOLS-6554] - droolsjbpm-integration deploy job failure
  • [DROOLS-6592] - Kie Server Marshalling changes Pojo field UpperCase begin and JSON
  • [DROOLS-6605] - SceSim run DMN models on BC/WB does not include expected profiles


  • [DROOLS-6021] - Migrate standalone Business Central from Thorntail to EAP Bootable Jar
  • [DROOLS-6566] - Upgrade Karaf version to 4.3
  • [DROOLS-6569] - Disable camel-container-integration-tests for wildfly23
  • [DROOLS-6577] - Suppress info log in kie-server-api unit tests
  • [DROOLS-6600] - Raise timeout for KarafIntegrationTest injection
  • [DROOLS-6622] - Bump Mvel version to 2.4.13


  • [DROOLS-4719] - DMN editor: Update DRG icon
  • [DROOLS-6351] - PredicateInformation contains only one rule name even when shared
  • [DROOLS-6556] - JSON marshalling slow due to inefficient com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.type.TypeFactory.findClass calls

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