Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.55.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-4863] - Popup message about Doughnut at Coverage Report panel of Test Scenario Editor places behind the ridge of the screen in default page scale
  • [DROOLS-5395] - Clear selection button doesn't work on Testing Tools when use click property first time.
  • [DROOLS-5824] - executable-model test failure in test-compiler-integration ExpirationTest
  • [DROOLS-6330] - CombinedConstraint node sharing with executable-model
  • [DROOLS-6343] - Fix ExternalisedLambdaTest side effect
  • [DROOLS-6344] - Update drools-impact-analysis pom.xml
  • [DROOLS-6363] - Fix unstable tests in drools-test-coverage
  • [DROOLS-6369] - Fix kie-karaf-itests failures because of guava upgrade


  • [DROOLS-6352] - Investigate ParallelEvaluationTest error in CI Build Chain


  • [DROOLS-6053] - Reduce unnecessary classloading by parent classloader
  • [DROOLS-6347] - Impact Analysis: analyze property values in case of insert

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