Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.46.0.Final - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-996] - Default Stateless Session in Kie Server


  • [DROOLS-5631] - Rule evaluation optimization : alpha node range index
  • [DROOLS-5670] - DMN produce programmatically Swagger/OpenAPI components type info


  • [DROOLS-5683] - Collection editor not opening for DRL based scenarios
  • [DROOLS-5740] - ConcurrentModificationException when building KieBase
  • [DROOLS-5773] - DMN OAS when dmntype is collection of a composite
  • [DROOLS-5776] - ClassCastException in accumulate with executable model
  • [DROOLS-5781] - Wrong count when accumulate contains "and exists"
  • [DROOLS-5789] - Advanced accumulate pattern not working with executable model
  • [DROOLS-5799] - Second accumulate produces a wrong result


  • [DROOLS-5757] - Default value for alpha node range index threshold


  • [DROOLS-5026] - Remove blinkinking in Test Tools pannel
  • [DROOLS-5647] - Add range indexing to AlphaNode
  • [DROOLS-5712] - Add alpha index for executable-model Date constraints
  • [DROOLS-5759] - Add benchmark for alpha node range index

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