Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.41.0.Final - HTML format


Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-5044] - Allow to set default value for columns other than 'literal equals to ...'


  • [DROOLS-3271] - [DMN Designer] Double-clicking connectors in DRD throws exceptions
  • [DROOLS-5262] - java.lang.Number import remains in the list of imports after deletion
  • [DROOLS-5317] - Scenario Simulation shows misleading data type if DMN applies a constraint
  • [DROOLS-5384] - Clicking rightmost column's header in DMN decision table raises an error
  • [DROOLS-5442] - [Guided Decision Table] Key navigation failure in Descision table
  • [DROOLS-5458] - Running tests should not affect incremental build
  • [DROOLS-5495] - Drools Builder error "org/apache/commons/math3/util/ArithmeticUtils" by eclipse plugin


  • [DROOLS-5329] - Review externalizing lambda failure case
  • [DROOLS-5496] - EclipseCompilationProblem conflicting instances
  • [DROOLS-5499] - Remove unused compile dependencies - kie-wb-common-server-ui-backend


  • [DROOLS-5029] - Loose of focus after cloasing Collection Editor

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