Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.37.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-2214] - [DMN Editor] Content of the Decision/BKM node is not copied
  • [DROOLS-4424] - [DMN Designer] Copy of BKM node throws an error
  • [DROOLS-5025] - Wrong BitMask created by a complex setter argument in modify block
  • [DROOLS-5148] - [DMN Designer] Copy/Paste is not working
  • [DROOLS-5231] - Wrong BitMask created by a nested property in modify block
  • [DROOLS-5237] - Wrong property reactivity with non getter chain of non-direct statements
  • [DROOLS-5250] - [Scesim editor] Wrong context type scesim generation
  • [DROOLS-5252] - [DMN Designer] Copy of a imported node shouldn't have a prefix
  • [DROOLS-5253] - [DMN Designer] Copied node should be distinguished from original one
  • [DROOLS-5255] - [Guided Decision Table] fields are listed twice
  • [DROOLS-5263] - [Test Scenario Editor] Wrong test result status if rules have not been fired
  • [DROOLS-5271] - RHS statements ordering changes with modify block in executable model


  • [DROOLS-5028] - Support incremental update for function with executable model
  • [DROOLS-5128] - Investigate elemental2 update to latest final version
  • [DROOLS-5266] - Investigate unused dependencies related to Imports screen


  • [DROOLS-2222] - Stunner: Ensure "copy/paste" (nodes) supports DMN's deep definition

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