Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.35.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-1519] - (var == $v) is faster than ($v == var) and scales much better: can they both be that fast?
  • [DROOLS-3648] - [DMN Designer] Boxed expressions - Decision Table - Allow Literal Expressions in the Decision Table header
  • [DROOLS-5067] - Bound property check mark

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-2769] - callback methods for: before/after invoke BKM/DS


  • [DROOLS-4956] - Normarize rule constraints for property reactivity and indexing
  • [DROOLS-4984] - Enable the executable model in Optaplanner
  • [DROOLS-5051] - Mvel type coercion and rounding behavior compatibility between mvel 2.2.8 and 2.4.3
  • [DROOLS-5115] - executable model fails with negation and BigDecimal
  • [DROOLS-5136] - Compile error with String Map access and executable-model
  • [DROOLS-5137] - [DMN Designer] Decision Navigator shows Name.toString() value for diagram
  • [DROOLS-5170] - [DMN Designer] Properties panel can not be expanded
  • [DROOLS-5178] - [DMN Designer] Generate unnecessary typerRef on output tag


  • [DROOLS-4470] - DMN DT Analysis check allowedValues from imported ItemDef
  • [DROOLS-5057] - Align gwt jsonix versions
  • [DROOLS-5104] - Compute tab indexes dynamically
  • [DROOLS-5109] - Replace verifier DataType with kie-soup DataType
  • [DROOLS-5134] - Code coverage of drools-wb is not measured
  • [DROOLS-5159] - Simplify security setup for HACEP
  • [DROOLS-5171] - Investigate dashbuilder dependencies of scenariossimulation-kogito-runitme
  • [DROOLS-5175] - Allow to configure log levels using env. properties in HA-CEP

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