Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.33.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-4989] - [DMN Designer] Tab content background colour consistency

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-4698] - Adding "expression" type handling for Collection type properties


  • [DROOLS-3451] - [DMN Designer] Function: Not possible to select _expression_ cell
  • [DROOLS-4600] - Embedded Camel endpoints don't work with executable model
  • [DROOLS-4726] - Bound facts from model are available on Background
  • [DROOLS-4912] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Inline add action button
  • [DROOLS-4922] - LinkageError: attempted duplicate class definition for materialized Lambda during incremental compilation
  • [DROOLS-4924] - LambdaConsequence without bind variable is not materialized
  • [DROOLS-4936] - Unsaved changes dialog appears even if it just have been saved
  • [DROOLS-4971] - [DMN Designer] Adding entries to structure
  • [DROOLS-4972] - Buttons stay disabled when switching to textual collection editor
  • [DROOLS-4973] - Defined DMN collection unary checks do not pass
  • [DROOLS-4976] - Guided Decision Table Graphs do not work
  • [DROOLS-4985] - A Spreadsheet decision tables does not convert to a DRL file correctly when a Function is being used in the RuleTable constraints
  • [DROOLS-5004] - Select first cell of Test Scenario
  • [DROOLS-5068] - Unable to build KieModule with executable model in wildfly
  • [DROOLS-5073] - menu didn't pop up when right-click the cell in decition table if there are lot of columns (more then 18)


  • [DROOLS-4978] - Improve test coverage for PMML integration (nn, naive bayes, knn)

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