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  • [DROOLS-2651] - [DMN Designer] i18n Expression Types in Navigator and grid screen title
  • [DROOLS-2750] - [DMN Designer] Default cell symbols
  • [DROOLS-3645] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Shortcuts - Add a shortcut for toggling the "list" checkbox in the Data Type row
  • [DROOLS-4336] - [DMN Designer] Text Annotation SVG and glyph needs revision

Feature Request

  • [DROOLS-2572] - [DMN Editor] Graph View - Add support for using Java data-types
  • [DROOLS-4837] - Abstract reflective accesses from RuleUnitDescription
  • [DROOLS-4850] - ModelCompiler: remove usages of RuleUnitDescription.getRuleUnitClass()


  • [DROOLS-3120] - [DMN Designer] Validation Error State remains active
  • [DROOLS-4310] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Search - Replace the placeholder
  • [DROOLS-4517] - Contextual Menus after scrolling
  • [DROOLS-4623] - Using a negated constraint in a not pattern doesn't work with executable model
  • [DROOLS-4711] - [DMN Designer] User is able to drag single data type entry horizontally
  • [DROOLS-4735] - [DMN Designer] Grid performance is dire
  • [DROOLS-4768] - org.drools.compiler.integrationtests.CompositeAgendaTest.testCreateHaltDisposeAgenda timeouts
  • [DROOLS-4791] - [DMN Designer] Not able to edit by double click after scroll
  • [DROOLS-4805] - Memory leak in STREAM mode (# PointInTimeTriggers growing)
  • [DROOLS-4819] - [DMN Designer] Structure is toggled when edit mode is canceled


  • [DROOLS-4149] - DMN Editor - Unexpected focus after user selects data type


  • [DROOLS-3677] - [DMN Designer] Change tabs order
  • [DROOLS-4166] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Shortcuts don't work after the a field is inserted by kebab menu
  • [DROOLS-4597] - [DMN Designer] Updates to Properties panel interaction and labelling
  • [DROOLS-4772] - [DMN Designer] Open Properties panel by default

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