Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.30.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-4697] - Add explanatory toString() to important parts of the executable model

Feature Request


  • [DROOLS-1672] - "not" in variable name doesn't work
  • [DROOLS-2388] - DMN Namespace unmarshalling differs from standard one when calling DMNValidator.validate method with File param
  • [DROOLS-2583] - [DMN Designer] Type Ref select box keyboard control
  • [DROOLS-4650] - GDST: Re-editing BRL columns causes NPE
  • [DROOLS-4748] - droolsjbpm-knowledge build fails on JDK 11 due to Javadoc plugin
  • [DROOLS-4749] - kie-soup build fails on JDK 11 due to Javadoc plugin
  • [DROOLS-4756] - JavaDoc generation doesn't work with JDK 11


  • [DROOLS-4521] - Implement UI -> XML marshalling client side (Java/Js object -> xml)
  • [DROOLS-4680] - [DMN Designer] BC DOs as DMN DTs - Create backend service that receives a Data Object and generate a Data Type

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