Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.24.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-3755] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Constraints (Range/Enumeration) - Add "Date/Time" component when the type is "Date/Time"
  • [DROOLS-4124] - Decision Service can not be larger than 500 (width) x 200 (height)
  • [DROOLS-4195] - [DMN Designer] PMML: Update Document value when Import alias changes


  • [DROOLS-4042] - [DMN Designer] Add support for importing and consuming PMML models 7.5


  • [DROOLS-3515] - [DMN Designer] Validation: Validate button should compile the DMN file and report issues
  • [DROOLS-3805] - All line separators in RHS in spreadsheet are escaped
  • [DROOLS-4085] - Validate all XSD validation offline with embedded schemas
  • [DROOLS-4100] - [DMN Designer] Data Type Shortcuts after constraint dialog was in use
  • [DROOLS-4107] - [DMN Designer] Change data type of decision table
  • [DROOLS-4131] - Can't use "is contained in the list" for Integer field
  • [DROOLS-4144] - [DMN Designer] Imported model is broken after saving changes
  • [DROOLS-4151] - Add proxy to Maven repositories read from settings.xml if an active proxy is set up
  • [DROOLS-4155] - [DMN Designer] Placeholder doesn't fit a column
  • [DROOLS-4165] - [DMN Designer] BKM Function column width
  • [DROOLS-4186] - Guided Rules does not output parenthesis in DRL
  • [DROOLS-4246] - testProxy in MavenRepositoryTest in kie-soup fails randomly
  • [DROOLS-4285] - Slow build due to inefficient EnumServiceImpl.doValidation() call


  • [DROOLS-3625] - [DMN Designer] Remove Stunners Explorer widget from the RHS dock
  • [DROOLS-4119] - [DMN Designer] Documentation tab - Show information about each DRD component in the documentation tab
  • [DROOLS-4181] - Clean as many bugs reported by Sonarcloud in Drools repository as possible

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