Release Notes - Drools - Version 7.23.0.Final - HTML format


  • [DROOLS-4049] - PMML files are not listed in Library only in Project Explorer


  • [DROOLS-1958] - [DMN Editor] Support use of imported models (7.4)
  • [DROOLS-3480] - [DMN Designer] Improve the Data Types support (7.4)


  • [DROOLS-1540] - Drools does not work with spring-boot-devtools
  • [DROOLS-2311] - Drools Engine not able to load rules in spring-Boot project
  • [DROOLS-2992] - Can't compile the kie module which has guided scorecard
  • [DROOLS-3432] - While using the same template key with difference objects/attributes causes an exception when switching to the Data tab in a Guided Rule Template
  • [DROOLS-3683] - [DMN Designer] Data Types - Properties panel must be refreshed when a Data Type is created
  • [DROOLS-3778] - Receiving error InvocationTargetException on jdk11
  • [DROOLS-3976] - [DMN Designer] edit cell by enter in Context, Function and Invocation
  • [DROOLS-3997] - [DMN Designer] Included Model Name marshalling issues depending on imported model name
  • [DROOLS-4047] - Unable to use CSV in a ruleTemplate
  • [DROOLS-4059] - Unable to test dmn context
  • [DROOLS-4081] - [DMN Designer] Constraints are allowed for inappropriate data types
  • [DROOLS-4082] - Cant use whitespaces in expression duration("P1Y")
  • [DROOLS-4093] - [DMN Designer] Sometimes shortcuts does not work when editing DataType items
  • [DROOLS-4705] - Drools/Kie-Server/Busines-Central 7.28.0 Is getting a 403 when kie-server accesses the websocket controller on business-central


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