Release Notes - Aesh - Version 0.43 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [AESH-61] - Man command
  • [AESH-97] - Support color schemes in the Shell
  • [AESH-128] - AeshConsole should provide a help option that will display usage/help info
  • [AESH-129] - Move man to main as it is a core feature
  • [AESH-147] - CLONE - Support mid-line completion of shell buffer (editing previously entered command)
  • [AESH-150] - ManCommand should support URLs
  • [AESH-152] - Display required options in Bold
  • [AESH-153] - Expose function to clear current buffer
  • [AESH-155] - Suggest commands matching a missing command
  • [AESH-157] - Better Color support/features


  • [AESH-141] - Due to lag some key inputs might come in the same block
  • [AESH-142] - Filelister should sort files/directories correctly
  • [AESH-163] - Aesh rewrites the same line when no completions are found
  • [AESH-165] - LoggerUtil should use a MemoryHandler if it fails to get a FileHandler


  • [AESH-46] - Make the æsh api ready for curses
  • [AESH-159] - AeshConsole and Console expose in()/out()/err() when its already exposed in Shell


  • [AESH-156] - ConsoleCommand.processOperation should be changed to use a more appropriate object
  • [AESH-158] - Command need a validator that can be run after all fields are populated
  • [AESH-160] - ConsoleCallback do not need to throw IOException
  • [AESH-161] - Aesh should check if a command is attached when exception is thrown in execute
  • [AESH-162] - Graphics!
  • [AESH-164] - Add parameter to Option to override other required options
  • [AESH-166] - Remove AeshPrintStream

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