Release Notes - Aesh - Version 0.42 - HTML format

Feature Request

  • [AESH-144] - Create a type of Option requirement


  • [AESH-139] - ctrl-c is not properly handled on windows
  • [AESH-146] - AeshConsole is not working with redirect/pipeline


  • [AESH-135] - Need better abstraction for Command execution
  • [AESH-136] - Terminal interface should be split into a more user friendly interface
  • [AESH-149] - AeshConsole should properly format spaces during completion


  • [AESH-133] - FileLister should return the full completion value
  • [AESH-134] - Make ControlOperator api easier to use
  • [AESH-137] - CommandContainer should be an interface and provide a pluggable builder to be specified in the CommandRegistry
  • [AESH-138] - CommandLineParser and CompletionParser should be interfaces
  • [AESH-140] - ctrl + arrow keys are not parsed
  • [AESH-143] - AeshConsoleImpl should be able to catch runtime errors

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